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What Proactive Parenting Initiative Is & How We Help You Parent a Rebellious Teen In 1998, Robert Redford took on a movie role that would change how people think about relationships forever. After a tragic turn of events, teenager Grace MacLean struggled to find a way to help her horse, Pilgrim, and bring back the happy, loving, outgoing personality he once had. As The Horse Whisperer, Robert Redford was able to connect directly with Pilgrim and eventually reach him, help him overcome his setbacks, and regain his life. But the most important part of the movie was that Grace also had to learn. As Pilgrim's rider, Grace was taught to move beyond the fun-filled pet-and-owner relationship to a position of responsibility in Pilgrim's life. It was only then that he began to trust her and she was able to lead Pilgrim in a way that: Changed his rebellious behavior Restored his self-confidence Filled him with inner strength Turned his attitude around, and Molded his character. The Horse Whisperer created a major trend. Calling someone a "whisperer" meant they fully and deeply understood what needed to be done for the benefit of someone else. Just like Robert Redford or Cesar Millan (The Dog Whisperer), being a whisperer means you, as a parent, are willing to learn to connect with your children. It also means you're prepared to do whatever it takes for their long-term benefit… even if it isn't easy at first. It Doesn't Take Years of Tough Love at a Military School to Change Your Child's Life How long have you struggled with parenting a difficult child or teen? Under the direction of Rev. Jamie Murphy and the certified Facilitators at Proactive Parenting Initiative (PPI), it takes just 10 weeks or less to change your family dynamic for the better… a wonderful alternative to an expensive military school. Just as Robert Redford taught Grace, and Cesar Millan turns pet owners into Pack Leaders, Jamie Murphy and the staff at PPI are saving kids one parent at a time. Are your difficult or rebellious children or teens: Experimenting with or addicted to drugs? Sexually active? Involved with gangs? Verbally or physically abusive? At risk for a life of crime? PPI is a Bible-based, nonprofit organization that fully understands that parenting a difficult child is hard and provides the help you need to be successful. With a proven program that works fast, you can see a turnaround in your child's behavior and attitude in as little as one weekend (depending on which program you choose). What's more… we offer both free and affordable programs in South Carolina, North Carolina, and Virginia so everyone can benefit. Get more details and register today.