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Your Contributions Help Transform the Lives of Families With Difficult Teens Those who are blessed to have a peaceful family life often find it hard to understand how seriously difficult teens can damage those around them. Sadly, there are countless families in the southeast United States alone that struggle daily with destructive teens. When we get a call from a parent who is crying, "I need parenting help now!" we don't want to turn them away. Thanks to dedicated sponsors like you, we can get the resources we require to meet the needs of our ministry and the families we serve through free or affordable programs. In addition, with you as our ministry partner, we can grow our outreach efforts to expand beyond South Carolina, North Carolina, and Virginia to assist thousands of other families who battle with difficult children every day. What Sponsors Receive The ability to improve your community in a significant way. When families are mended, everyone benefits. Yes, the parents and the children, but also the area in which those families live, making them better neighbors. Tax deduction. Because we are a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, contributions to PPI are fully tax deductible. Exposure to our website visitors. We'll feature you on our Recommended Sponsors page with a link to your website, your logo, plus a 50-word intro about your business. Social media mentions. Your company will also be highlighted on our social media pages for additional exposure. Partner with PPI today as we save kids one parent at a time!
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“Jamie presents crucial information that EVERY parent needs to know, in a way that ANY parent can understand. I highly recommend this course to ALL parents! Even if you think this is only for issues that you aren’t currently experiencing...that day may come. You will be better prepared for whatever life brings.” Ms. Shea Posey