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Camp TEASPOT: Weekend Tough-Love Help for Parenting Difficult Teens If your situation has become dire, and you’re unsure about what to do next, Camp TEASPOT offers fast results. TEASPOT stands for: take everything away, short period of time. In that way, it resembles military school. Teens (and their parents) come to Camp McDaniel in North Carolina for one weekend. In a semi-boot-camp style program, the kids are stripped of their privileges. You and your teens are shown how those privileges can be reinstated. It offers an action- consequences format in a Christ-centered environment that both you and your kids greatly benefit from. It’s time for Camp TEASPOT when chronic unwanted behavior is exhibited including: Constant arguing or physical fighting Disrespectfulness, rebelliousness, or aggressiveness Sexual activity Drug use Gang involvement You can put an end to your stressful family life, and lay a firm and lasting foundation for raising well-behaved kids during this one weekend conference. Camp TEASPOT •Begins on Friday evening and ends on Sunday afternoon. •Is for parents who have completed at least the first five weeks of our 10-week parenting class. •Must be attended by at least one parent and child on the first visit. •May be attended by the child only on follow-up visits. •Aims for a zero-return rate! Students at Camp Teaspot Learn •To show respect to parents and those in authority. •Consequences for bad decision making. •To appreciate what they have. Ready to change your family for the better? Need more information? Contact us today for more information today.
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