“In today's climate, society has really twisted what reality is and individuals don't necessarily live by morals, ethics, and the basic premise of respect towards each other. The Proactive Parenting Initiative gives you a set of knowledge, skills, and set of abilities to better handle what life throws out at you so that hopefully your journey in raising your children is one in which you are successful.” – Alice Gray (via Facebook)
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Tough Love Parenting Help for Transforming Your Difficult Child Have your kids already headed down a dangerous path? Or are you looking for ways to make sure they never do? Regardless of your current situation, it’s vital that you know how to address the unwanted behavior that your children exhibit. Nobody’s kids are perfect. But when your son or daughter starts becoming a difficult child that is verbally or physically disrespectful or abusive, taking action immediately is the next step. Raising teenagers and preteens is hard. But, even if they have taken a wrong turn, it doesn’t require military school to straighten them out and bring peace back to your home.
“The ideas I've learned and implemented from the parenting classes have made some changes. But the biggest change came from the weekend WE spent together at Camp TEASPOT -learning from the Word, tough love and old fashioned labor. I know we will never forget this weekend and I pray we will all continue to practice the strategies we learned.” – Dawn Roof (via Facebook)
How to Deal With an At-Risk Difficult Child Tough-love parenting is more than a catch phrase. It means offering parenting help to those with abusive sons or daughters who have had their homes turned upside down. At Camp TEASPOT, you’ll see quick results over one weekend. These methods correct unwanted behavior and instill the message of the Gospel of Jesus Christ without the need for expensive military schools.
How to Keep Your Kid from Becoming a Difficult Child If you’re concerned that your child might be swept away by unwanted influences, you can stop that behavior before it starts. With free parenting classes taught in South Carolina, North Carolina and Virginia; you can lay a foundation for parenting success in just 10 weeks. The results? A lifetime of self-respect and respect for authority that will carry your child into adulthood.
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Learn how to never argue with your child again Improve your child’s school attendance and performance Prevent or intervene in your child’s alcohol or drug use. Keep your child away from gangs. Stop any unwanted or destructive behaviors in your child. Create a more peaceful home environment for your family Are you ready to see repentant hearts and appreciative, peaceful spirits from your kids? Find out more about Proactive Parents or contact us with your questions.